Salad Shirazi

Salad Shirazi

If Iran had a national salad, it would be this: Salad Shirazi! 

A no-lettuce salad, it originates from Shiraz in Southern Iran. It adds texture and flavor to any Persian (or even Indian) dish. It is particularly popular in the summer along with skewers of (plant-based) kabob. I personally love it with dry rice dishes from Persian Sabzi Polo to Indian Vegetable Biryani

The ingredients are typically: 

  • 2 tomatoes diced
  • 1 cucumber diced
  • 1/4 small red onion diced
  • 2 Tbsp. lime juice
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil, and
  • salt and pepper to taste.
  • Garnish with finely chopped mint (optional). 


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