Vegan Persian Cinnamon Rolls

Persian Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe is a twist on the traditional Western cinnamon roll and a traditional Persian Qottab. This Persian cinnamon roll is like a deconstructed Qottab with cardamom, rosewater, and walnut flavors. This recipe for Persian cinnamon rolls is tasty, easy, light, flaky, and perfect with a cup of tea.

Vegan Abgoosht (Persian Meat Stew without the Meat)

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Abgoosht translates into "meat water" in English. It is an easy one-pot Persian dish traditionally made with tender meat, potatoes, legumes, and spices. This dish, however, is wonderful without the meat, and I have had people tell me they prefer this vegan version. This past weekend, I enjoyed a four-day family reunion on a ranch … Continue reading Vegan Abgoosht (Persian Meat Stew without the Meat)