Mother & Daughter Duo

Hello! My name is Elham, and I am a lawyer and mother of three kids. I started my plant-based journey in 2009 after reading about factory farming and the meat and dairy industry. While I became plant-based for the animals, I do believe plant-based food is the future. It is essential to protecting our planet and promoting our health.

Luckily, my mother Zoe, who is “the best cooker” (as my kids like to say), also began to follow a plant-based diet. After recognizing her love for our dog Kula, my mom knew she could not support the suffering of other animals. She is the creative genius behind the vegan Persian recipes on this blog.

Together, we love sharing our love of plant-based food.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, I became passionate about sharing our favorite recipes and providing recommendations to help others transition toward a plant-based lifestyle! If there is anything you would like to see on this blog, please let me know! Together, we can make a difference for animals, people, the planet.