Did you know “eating a vegan diet is likely to be best for the environment”, according to experts? Below are a few resources to help guide anyone on the plant-based journey. For more ways to also reduce your carbon footprint, read this helpful guide from the New York Times – How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint.


Happy Cow
Find vegan and vegetarian food options near you. An essential app/website when traveling.

Forks over Knives
Healthy, whole-foods, plant-based recipes. A helpful app/website for anyone trying to eat an oil-free, plant-based diet.

Nutrition Facts
The latest in nutrition and health research.

Leaping Bunny
A helpful app/website to shop cruelty-free products.

Switch 4 Good
Information and help to live a dairy-free lifestyle.


Animal Liberation
A philosophical perspective on the treatment of animals.
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How Not to Die
A guide on how to live a longer and healthier life.
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The China Study
A study of nutrition and its implications for long-term health.
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Eat to Live
A guide on food to address a spectrum of conditions from obesity to diabetes to heart disease.
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Award-winning vegan magazine.


Learn how factory farming is decimating the planet’s natural resources.
Available on Netflix

The Game Changers
Finding the optimal diet for human performance and health.
Available on Netflix

A look at the fishing industry and it’s impact on marine life.
Available on Netflix

What the Health
Examining the link between diet and disease.
Available on Netflix

Helpful Articles on Vegan Products, Clothing and More

Favorite, Easy VEGAN Recipes