Vegan Qottab (Walnut-filled Persian Pastry)

Vegan, plant-based Persian Iranian Qotab

Qottab is one of Iran's most popular desserts. Outwardly, they resemble powdered donut holes, but they are traditional Persian pastries filled with walnuts and infused with cardamom and rosewater. This dessert originates from the Yazd region in central Iran. Recreating Persian recipes without meat, dairy, and eggs and sharing the recipes on the blog has … Continue reading Vegan Qottab (Walnut-filled Persian Pastry)

Vegan Abgoosht (Persian Meat Stew without the Meat)

vegan, plant-based, Iranian, Persian soup, abgoosht

Abgoosht translates into "meat water" in English. It is an easy one-pot Persian dish traditionally made with tender meat, potatoes, legumes, and spices. This dish, however, is wonderful without the meat, and I have had people tell me they prefer this vegan version. This past weekend, I enjoyed a four-day family reunion on a ranch … Continue reading Vegan Abgoosht (Persian Meat Stew without the Meat)

Vegan Adas Polo (Persian Rice with Lentils)

Vegan Adas Polo

Lentils are a legume and a nutritional powerhouse. They are an excellent source of iron and protein. Lentils were traditionally called the "poor man's meat." I like to think of it as the "more mindful meat alternative." Thankfully, my kids enjoy lentils, and we eat it often; yellow lentils, green lentils, brown lentils. This Persian … Continue reading Vegan Adas Polo (Persian Rice with Lentils)