These are a few of my favorite things

Oh hi everyone! Just me, taking a selfie with food from our fridge! My kids think I’m funny. But I had to show you some of our favorite things! This is not an ad! I just really love these brands, and they really helped us go plant-based!

It is hard enough feeding kids, but trying to feed them plant-based can feel overwhelming. These brands are seriously game changers. They have really helped transition all 3 of my kids to eating plant-based at home!

Kite hill is clearly our household favorite! We LOVE all their products – the yogurts, cream cheeses, sour cream, ravioli and tortellini! It is an almond based product; soy free.

Violife has incredible cheese, including a feta cheese we are obsessed with! It is a coconut oil based product; nut and soy free.

We are loving Just Egg more and more and discovering so many ways to use it from frittatas to Persian dishes! Just Egg is made from mung beans, a legume.

Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart is an awesome mayonnaise! There are a variety of options from avocado oil to grapeseed oil, including a soy-free option.

Miyoko’s is a household name already! Many people already know and love Miyoko’s. We love her butter, and it is made from coconut oil.

Immaculate Baking biscuits, croissants, and cinnamon rolls are plant-based, delicious, and easy! Just what this tired mama needs.

Hopefully this is a helpful reference tool. I always feel so eager to give my opinion when I see people standing at the grocery store debating which plant-based brand to buy! If you have other favorites too, let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. Thank you for showing us your fridge! For someone who is curious to join the plant-based journey, I am excited to start making some small changes and begin with one dinner a week—thank you for providing family friendly recipes and generously sharing your learnings! I had some initial questions:
    1. Where can we find most of these products? (Extra points for one shop stop places give shelter in place)
    2. Is eating plant-based substitutes instead of the actual veggies considered eating more “processed” food?
    3. I noticed a lot of gluten-free options/substitutes, can you explain? (My kids may have some gluten intolerance… so thank you!)

    1. Hi Naree!

      You can get everything from Whole Foods! That’s where I go to buy my alternative dairy or meat items.

      The plant-based meat and dairy substitutes are for people who really miss/want the taste flavors close to meat or dairy! I haven’t eaten red meat in 28 years, but I share things like Beyond Meat or Impossible for people who want to still want/crave meat! It is definitely processed food, but so is meat with all the hormones and antibiotics and GMO feed. If people could just skip meat or dairy alternatives, it would be healthier. Just eat fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts, legumes. I do think Kitehill dairy alternatives are healthy and not very processed! It’s our favorite.

      I try to eat gluten-free. Everyone else in our family is fine, but I have a sensitivity. Not celiacs or an allergy, but just feel better eating gluten-free.

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