Healthy Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives

Vegan Almond Cheese

I’ve heard people say they just cannot give up cheese. People love their cheese. The truth is cheese can be addictive. There are three habit forming compounds in cheese - casomorphins, fat, and salt. Casomorphins are naturally found in all mammal milk, including human breast milk. When consumed, they act as a mild opiate. They … Continue reading Healthy Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives

Shirini Donmarki (for my Grandma with love)

This beautiful painting is by my great aunt (my grandfather’s sister). During difficult times, I often think of my grandfather and my grandmother. The challenges they faced. Their strength and resilience. This post is part recipe, part reflection. I had never heard of Shirini Donmarki (a Persian pastry) until my mom made it for my … Continue reading Shirini Donmarki (for my Grandma with love)