“Eat More Plants. Do More Yoga.” – Wholesome Culture

Here Come the Holidays

This is my 12th year celebrating a turkey-free Thanksgiving and my 7th year veganizing traditional holiday recipes from mashed potatoes to pies. Whether you are trying to eat more plant-based or hosting someone who is plant-based, it has never been easier to enjoy a vegan holiday meal. You can even order entire vegan holiday meals … Continue reading Here Come the Holidays

Graze, Play, Thrive

Does 2020 have you stress eating? Do your kids ask for snacks all day, every day? Well, the answer is yes and yes to those questions in my household. Even when I put my kids in front of the tv hoping to have some time for myself, I invariably hear ten minutes later, “mommy, what … Continue reading Graze, Play, Thrive