Healthy Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives

Vegan Almond Cheese

I’ve heard people say they just cannot give up cheese. People love their cheese. The truth is cheese can be addictive. There are three habit forming compounds in cheese - casomorphins, fat, and salt. Casomorphins are naturally found in all mammal milk, including human breast milk. When consumed, they act as a mild opiate. They … Continue reading Healthy Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives

Have No Fear, Egg Replacers are Here!

The world feels messy, frustrating, and full of chaos and confusion, but at least egg-free baking doesn’t have to be. Have no fear, egg replacers are here. Almost every baking recipe calls for eggs. Why? Eggs provide binding, leavening, moisture, and a golden brown appearance to baked goods. But there are many reasons people omit … Continue reading Have No Fear, Egg Replacers are Here!