What we Eat in a Day. Way More than PB&J.

Happy Monday, everyone! Anyone need meal ideas for the week? A friend asked me for plant-based meal planning inspiration so I am sharing what we typically eat in a week. I don’t claim to eat the best or healthiest food, but I do always suggest ethnic food as a great way to eat more plant-based. The American diet is very heavy in meat and dairy.

If you are interested in an oil-free, plant-based diet, I recommend the meal planning offered by Forks Over Knives. They have some great whole-food meal ideas!

As far as shopping for our food, I try to first shop at Costco or Trader Joe’s for the basics – fruit, veggies, nuts, and snack items. Trader Joe’s also has Miyoko’s butter, and we like their Beef-less Ground Beef. Some Costcos do carry Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger so keep an eye out! Then I shop at Whole Foods or another natural grocer for the Kitehill, Violife, and the other dairy alternative brands we like.

Hope this is helpful! Feel free to message me with questions! And we eat A LOT of Kite Hill plain almond yogurt! My kids add that to every Indian, Thai, stir fry, and Persian dish! Not to mention they ask for it at breakfast and before bed! We highly recommend it!